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Taking The #BizChallenge: Does It Really Work on Laundry Stains?

This post brought to you by Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator. All opinions are 100% mine.


It never fails. My kids will thrash some clothes, singlehandedly, without even trying.



Their jeans will come home with grass stained knees, sometimes ripped, blood dots on a t-shirt sleeve, socks are discolored, and my son's beautiful bright white baseball pants will endure a slide into home plate.


When it comes to fighting these never ending stains, I am always up for ideas and suggestions. Now, I had heard of Biz in the past, but never tried it out. To me, it was just another laundry additive, like a fabric softener, that I didn't really need. I got the chance to put it to the test with the Biz Challenge, I was actually pretty surprised by the job it did on my whites!


Taking The Biz Challenge


garment: boys white baseball pants



I decided that MJ's white baseball pants would be the guinea pig. They are notorious for having grass and dirt stains in the knee area for all of his awesome diving catches and safe slides.



Biz contains more stain fighting ingredients than any other stain fighter, so much better than using just laundry detergent alone.There are 3 ways to use it: in the wash load, pre-treatment for stains, and pre-soak for delicates. I did a combination of two, by pre-treating the stained knee areas with warm water and the blue Biz solution, and putting some into the wash load.


After a cycle through the washer and dryer with other whites, here's how they turned out…



The stains are gone and the overall dingey white was transformed into a bright white! Not only did this little blue miracle do well with my stains, but it gave the whole load such a fresh smell. There are plenty of times that I have washed these pants where the dirt stain in the knee tends to linger. So it looks like I took the challenge and the Biz won! 



Take the #BizChallenge!

If your laundry needs a boost, I think you should try taking the Biz Challenge for a powerful, stain blasting clean! Check out where to buy Biz, click here to save $1 on Biz, and notice that there is a new look to the Biz bottle, the logo and color scheme on the packaging has gotten a nice makeover. You can follow along with Biz on Facebook, @BizStainFighter on Twitter, and on Pinterest.


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