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Free Amazon Teacher Gift Card Printable Template – Give The Gift Of Amazon!

This¬†free Amazon teacher gift card printable¬†is perfect to attach an Amazon gift card to as a token of thanks. Give your favorite teacher a gift they will love using! Get this Amazon gift card template for free…

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Show your appreciation with this Amazon gift card printable

Ahhh…. teachers. They spend a good majority of the year teaching our kids throughout the day, and they are owed so much! Let’s face it, we love our children, but most kids can be caught in bad moods, have rough mornings, throw tantrums, be total brats, and the like. We all have our moments!

I always tend to get a little something as a teacher appreciation gift each year for both of my kids’ teachers. Last year, we made these cute little succulents in a mug teacher’s gift,¬†and while they look nice, I often wonder if they either still have the plants or actually ever used the mug! This year, we’re moving on to Amazon, baby!

Free Amazon Teacher Gift Card Printable Template

I really wanted to find something that the teachers could use, and that they would actually want to receive. Candy, pencils, apples (people still gift these), and other supplies are thoughtful, but you have no idea if the teacher even wants/needs/likes/cares about them! With an Amazon gift card, you are giving a gift that they get to choose, and that is easy for them to receive. They may use it for classroom supplies that have run out, or even as a personal gift for themselves. Either way, they’re happy, and you’ve made a teacher smile!

You're an Amazin' teacher - a printable teacher appreciation card

Don’t hand over a gift card all willy nilly, gift it with a special thank you card for teachers. You can totally use this free printable teacher appreciation gift card holder that I made to show them you’re thankful. This Amazon teacher gift card printable is a cute way to say thank you with a meaningful gift that your child’s teacher can truly use. Check out the Amazon gift card printable template below and enjoy it!

Instructions for our free printable teacher appreciation gift card holder

Here’s what you’ll need:

Free printable teacher Amazon gift card holder Print Screenshot

1. Download the¬†free printable Amazon gift card template and save to your computer. Load your color printer with thick¬†white card stock paper and make sure it’s ready to print.

2.¬†Consider how many copies of the Amazon free printable teacher appreciation cards you’ll need. Open the image and set it to print, you should get some printer options. The photo above shows my printer options on my Macbook. You can see that I selected “scale to fit” and “2 copies per page” towards the bottom of the printer box since I needed to print two. It will look similar in Windows, just make sure your printer is set to print in color and that the print preview looks good before you fire.

  • Note: I recommend printing two copies MAX on one 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. Each one will be approximately 4 x 6, which is a great size for a card. If you try printing more than just 2 per page, they will be very small, look grainy, and possibly run off the edge of the paper.

Printable teacher appreciation Amazon cards

3. Cut out each printable teacher’s card. Roll a few pieces of tape backward with the sticky side out and put them on the back of the Amazon gift cards. Place them onto the Amazon gift card printable holder template in the right place and you’ve got yourself teacher appreciation week gift!

You're such an amazing teacher free printable Amazon gift card holder,

Say thanks with an Amazon teacher gift card printable!

I am all about making life a little easier wherever I can, and all of the¬†teacher appreciation gift card ideas are great. I hope these free printable teacher appreciation cards come in handy for you, too, and that you can rock teacher appreciation week with this! Simply order your Amazon gift card, pop it into the Amazon teacher gift card printable template, and that’s it. Need more ideas? Check out these¬†8 Cute DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas for Teachers!

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You're an amazing teacher! Free teacher appreciation gift card holder

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