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Jungle Fruit and Veggie Trees Snacks – Safari Themed Food

These jungle fruit and veggie trees are such a fun snack to make for your safari party theme food, and also for watching Jungle Book movies! If you are looking for Disney’s Jungle Book food ideas, this is the perfect one.

Disney's Jungle Book Food Ideas - Fruit and Veggie Trees Snack

Fun jungle-themed snacks

Disney's The Jungle Book Diamond Edition BluRay DVD Movie

What classic film combines adventure, fun, a jungle, and teaches the ‘bare necessities’ of life in a Disney fashion? Yep, it’s Disney’s The Jungle Book! The 1967 favorite has been re-mastered in high definition, and is available now on Blu-Ray and DVD!

Jungle Book Food Ideas – Fruit and Veggie Trees Snack

The kids are pretty excited, I jazzed up the movie a bit, explained the film’s story as one of my childhood favorites and they couldn’t wait to see it! We stopped by Walmart to grab a copy of the film, the Blu-Ray combo pack Diamond Edition has both DVD and Blu-ray discs and Walmart is the only place that you can receive a free Jungle Book lunch box with purchase. It’s gonna be a jungle movie night!

Disney's The Jungle Book in Walmart stores

Jungle fruit and veggie trees snack

For a little jungle safari snack during the movie, I decided to put together a fun, healthy recipe that is themed for the Jungle Book movie. We grabbed some fresh produce and supplies while we were at Walmart. Sure, popcorn and soda are good, but can we get something with a little less sugar? Make these fun jungle trees with fruits and vegetables for your Jungle Book movie night!

How to make these jungle-themed snacks

Ingredients you will need:

  • Mini plastic cups
  • Jungle safari printed paper (I chose leopard)
  • Glue
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Toothpicks

Jungle Party Decor, Small cups with leopard wrap

Step 1: Make the jungle-printed party cups

Making these fruit and veggie trees was pretty simple. Start by cutting out a few strips of your safari jungle printed paper, wrapping them around the mid-section of each plastic cup. Secure each strip of paper with a dot of glue. I decided to cut mine a little curved, like cupcake wrappers, so they’d fit nicely.

Jungle Party Ideas, how to make vegetable jungle trees

Step 2: Assemble the tree trunks in each cup

Wash all of your fruits and veggies, cut your apples into thin slices, and soak them in cold salted water to prevent browning. Next, cut 3 – 4  inch pieces of carrots and celery to use as tree trunks. Put them into the center of the cup, then add blueberries surrounding the tree trunk to secure it, a little over halfway full.

Party food ideas, Fruit and Vegetable Jungle Trees

Step 3: Add the jungle tree leaves on top

Insert a toothpick down the middle of the tree trunk, leaving the top half of the toothpick out and exposed. Take your thin apple slices, blot them dry, and arrange about 6 – 7 onto each tree, pressing the ends of them into the toothpick one by one and fanning them out evenly.

Safari Party Ideas, Fruit and Vegetable Jungle Trees

That’s it! Simple, isn’t it? We had a great time watching the movie and devouring these jungle trees. This is one snack that I don’t mind them indulging in! We hope this becomes one of your favorite jungle party food ideas.

Jungle Party Food Ideas, Jungle Fruit and Veggie Trees

Enjoy this Jungle Book-themed food!

Whether you are watching the Jungle Book movie or having a jungle safari party, these jungle book fruit cups are tons of fun to make, and healthy to eat. This tropical honey pineapple fruit salad might be another fun fruit idea to serve at your safari parties.

Pick up the Diamond Edition of Disney’s The Jungle Book Diamond Edition Blu-ray and DVD, recently released from the Disney movie vault. I am thrilled that my kids can grow up with the same classic movies that I did as a kid. They just love Baloo and the ‘bare necessities’ song. We had a great movie night together, I live for these family moments!


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