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Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinner: 15-Minute BBQ Shredded Chicken Tacos


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  Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners, 15-Minute BBQ Shredded Chicken Tacos


Are you looking for quick and easy weeknight dinners that the whole family will love? We got home around 7:00 pm one night after baseball practice, so we had to figure out something. In a short time, we came up with these 15-minute BBQ Shredded Chicken Tacos!  


There’s nothing like the taste of smokey, barbecue sauce on a slab of meat. We love to grill when we have the time to do it, but during the week, it’s just too much work to set up, prep, grill, eat, clean, you know the routine. Now you can have the taste of delicious barbecue any night, without slaving over the hot coals!  


Easy 15-Minute BBQ Shredded Chicken Tacos


These BBQ Shredded Chicken Tacos are so easy to make with LLOYD’S® Barbecue Tubs, pre-cooked meats that are slathered in BBQ sauce, ready to heat and serve! This really makes for a quick meal, add a few fresh veggies and wrap in a tortilla and you’re ready to eat. The best thing about this recipe is that you don’t actually have to barbecue! Try these at home, if you love the flavors of barbecue, your family will love these tacos!  


15-Minute BBQ Shredded Chicken Tacos


  • 1 LLOYD’S® Seasoned Shredded Chicken Barbecue Tub
  • 10 small corn tortillas
  • 2 handfuls spinach, lettuce, or mixed greens
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 red onion, sliced
  • 1/2 cup fresh cilantro


  LLOYD'S® Seasoned Shredded Chicken Barbecue Tub  


Seriously, 15 minutes is all you need. First, microwave the LLOYD’S® Seasoned Shredded Chicken Barbecue Tub according to package instructions. Slightly heat tortillas and lay them out onto a cutting board. Start building your tacos, divide all ingredients evenly on each taco. Add the greens first, then the shredded chicken, then the onions, cheese, and cilantro. Then, EAT.  


Easy weeknight meals, Quick BBQ Shredded Chicken Tacos  


Easy BBQ, any night of the week!


LLOYD’S® is a Hormel Foods brand, their Barbecue Tubs come in shredded chicken, pork, beef and even turkey, plenty of options to complete your recipe. I can see some turkey Sloppy Joe’s in our near future, and I might be grabbing a slab of LLOYD’S® Seasoned & Smoked Ribs! Visit their Pinterest board for more Easy Recipe Ideas, sign up for the Hormel Newsletter, and visit Hormel Foods for savings, coupons, more recipes and where to buy in your area.  


What’s your favorite quick and easy weeknight meal?



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