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How to Make Stained Glass Votive Candle Holder Craft

This DIY stained glass votive candle holder craft is such a fun project! These custom glass and paper votive candles light the night and make the perfect home decor.

DIY stained glass votice candle craft

Make this colored glass candles craft

MJ loves to get crafty with me, so he was excited to help make this easy stained glass candle holder craft! These lovely holders truly light the night and the flame shows the most beautiful colors through the glass. This is such a simple tissue paper craft for kids, use them for your backyard, bathroom, wedding, or party centerpieces, or even to light your front door walkway.

DIY Stained Glass Votive Candle Holder Craft

One thing I really love about this craft is that you can customize this candle to match any room or space. You can make these stained glass tea light holders in specific colors and styles to give as gifts, too. Learn how to make stained glass candle holders with our tutorial below. *Please make sure an adult is supervising children with this project at all times.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Small-sized glassware of your choice (we like these glasses)
  • Assorted colorful gift tissue paper
  • School or craft glue – clear drying
  • Tea light candles (real or artificial ones if you’re crafting with kids)

Step 1: Cut craft tissue paper into squares

Be sure the glass you are using is clean and dry. Cut your tissue paper into squares or other random shapes you might like to use. You can make matching-sized shapes or randomize them, it’s totally up to you. We decided to go with imperfect squares. Separate tissue paper shapes by color into piles.

Candle Craft Tissue Paper Squares

Step 2: Add glue to part of your glass

Apply a light layer of glue to about 1/4 – 1/3 of the outside of the glass. Do not put glue on the entire glass all at once, it will stick to your fingers and dry prematurely on the glass.

Candle craft instructions - apply glue to glass votive jar

Step 3: Add tissue squares onto the votive glass

Place the tissue squares over the glue as desired. Be sure to cover the full length of the glass and DO NOT allow any tissue to hang over the top. Fire hazard, hello! Continue the glue/tissue process until you have gone all the way around the glass. You will see the glue through the tissue paper at first, but once it dries, it will disappear. If there are any loose pieces of tissue paper that are overlapping and sticking out, rub a little glue on them to secure them to the glass.


Candle Craft Glued on Tissue Paper

Step 4: Allow the candle to dry, then add a tea light

Our candle holder craft dried in about an hour. We dropped in the tea lights and took them outside at dusk to put them to the test…

Stained glass votive candle holder craft - so easy to make!

Here’s a birds-eye view from the outside, looking in.

Inside of stained glass candle craft, lit tea lights

This one was inspired by Halloween: candy corn stained glass candle holder craft. We might make more of these and line our front patio with them on Halloween night!

Halloween Candle Craft Decoration

Enjoy making your own candle holder craft!

I think this stained glass candle holder DIY would be absolutely stunning in the backyard during an evening gathering, or even for a soothing bubble bath with scented candles inside (and wine). Yes. I love taking bubble baths!

I got each item on the list from the dollar store, spending $3 for 3 glasses, $1 for a box of tea lights, and $1 for a package of assorted colored tissue paper. We already had glue at home, so each of these holders cost me only $1.67 each! If you like these candle holders, take a look at our DIY Christmas candle favors for some holiday fun!

DIY Holiday Candle Favor for your Christmas Table Place Setting

Candle and Glass Safety Side Note

Baby Girl tried to get in on the fun, so I let her watch and stick on some of the tissue squares. Before I knew it, she swiped a glass, ran off into the kitchen, and shattered the whole thing. That being said, I would not recommend this project for toddlers, but for children ages 5+. Always be sure to supervise your kids while using scissors and glassware. If you are crafting with kids, you should use artificial tea light candles. If you do use real tea lights, only an adult should light the candle holder craft.

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DIY stained glass candle holder craft idea - this is an easy candle craft using tissue paper squares and a votive. Love it!


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