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5 Unique Recipes Using Avocados – Much More Than Guacamole!

Love the creamy, delicious taste and green goodness of avocados? Wait till you see these unique recipes using avocados courtesy of California Avocados –¬†these flavors are amazing!

Wood grilled Niman Ranch pork chop, spicy California avocado puree and Chino farms stone fruit salad topping made this a tasty cut for pork chop lovers. Recipe by Chef Trey Foshee

Avocado recipes and ways to use avocado

Wanna know what I love about summer? Sunshine, beach days, warm nights, and AVOCADO season! My favorite fruit in the entire world is the avocado. Watermelon is a close second – wait, did you even know that avocado is a fruit? It is, and I was so thrilled to be able to attend an amazing Dinner En Green here in Southern California with California Avocados.

Avocado decorations, Dinner En Green with California Avocados

Fresh and easy avocado recipes

Dinner En Green was held at the Rancho Santo Tomas Avocado Grove, these gorgeous mountains in Valley Center, CA served as a picturesque backdrop to this awesome farm-to-table experience.

Chef Trey Foshee was the mastermind of this avocado-filled evening, he is best known for his delectable California coastal fare at George’s By The Cove and Galaxy Taco in La Jolla, CA and his recipes are to DIE for. He put together a menu using California avocados, I wish you all could have sampled every single thing! Each dish uses avocados in some form – in fresh chunks, smashed, pureed, and even in sauces, too.

Gorgeous long wooden tablescape for dinner at Rancho Santo Tomas avocado grove in Valley Center, California

If you love all things avocado, you’re in for a real treat! Get comfortable and enjoy these ideas for unique recipes using avocados, and try some of them at home.

California Avocados Dinner En Green menu

5 Tasty and Unique Recipes Using Avocados

Fresh avocado, cucumber and tomato salad made with California avocados

Fresh avocado, cucumber, and tomato salad

This simple dish combines fresh chunks of California avocados, tomato, and cucumber for a¬†great¬†summer salad option to try. Top with coconut shavings and a little chili powder or Tajin seasoning and you’ve got yourself a fresh and easy avocado salad!

Niman Ranch pork chop made with a spicy California avocado puree, topped with a Chino farms stone fruit salad

Niman Ranch pork chop

This wood-grilled pork chop was a favorite at the table! The spicy California avocado puree and Chino farms stone fruit salad topping made this a tasty cut for pork chop lovers. And yes, those are fresh peaches and yes they were perfect for this!

Chilled shrimp appetizer with California avocados and a spicy carrot dressing

Chilled shrimp and avocado appetizer with spicy carrot dressing

This appetizer dish reminded me of a cold gazpacho soup. Chilled pieces of shrimp are mixed with fresh carrots, avocado, cucumber, and micro greens, and that orange looking broth is a spicy carrot sauce.

Cut in half California avocados

Crepe cake with strawberries and California avocado cream

Did you know that you can use avocados in desserts? This crepe cake proves that avocado can be tasty in any dish! Vanilla bean and avocado cream sat between thin layers of cake, complimented with fresh strawberries. I did not get a great photo of this one, the sun had gone down. It was really light, not super sweet, and overall pretty good.

Asian style guacamole, recipe created by Chef Trey Foshee for California Avocados

Asian-style guacamole with mandarin oranges

Ok, so there was this guacamole bar where they were hand-cutting avocados and making fresh guacamole to your liking. There were tons of toppings available, so I asked chef Trey Foshee if he could make me something with flavors that he recommends together.

The chef suggested this Asian-style guacamole, and I am totally making this at home! Ripe California avocados are cut, scooped out, and smashed up, mixed in soy sauce, cilantro, wasabi paste, orange segments, and topped with sesame seeds. YES.

California avocados, love this avocado themed centerpiece with candles and succulents, so cute for summer outdoor dining!

What unique recipes using avocados do you make?

We had a wonderful time dining with California avocados, and I am inspired to try these awesome unique recipes using avocados at home. California avocados are local, which means the ideal climate and soil make these avocados super creamy, full of nutrients, and fresh when you get them.

I have had other avocados year-round, but the best ones are always from California! They are in season now, being available from late spring to early fall.

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