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15 Cute Couples Costumes for Halloween Ideas – These Are Brilliant!

We love these cute couples costumes for Halloween, perfect for you and your significant other! From popular characters to food and condiments, these are some of the best couple costumes for Halloween.

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Couples Costumes for Halloween Ideas

Here comes Halloween, have you picked out a costume? If you’re headed to a party with your significant other, or you want to match while trick or treating with the kids, Halloween couples costumes may be in order!

I have seen some of these dual costume ideas, but most of them are new to me and so creative. Be the peanut butter to your wife’s jelly, or the most amazing Shrek and Fiona Halloween couples costume idea out there! Here are a bunch of my favorite cute Halloween couple’s costumes to wear with your sweetheart this year.

15 Fun Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Get ready to pop out to your next Halloween party in style with these cute costumes for Halloween for both you and your significant other!

Halloween costume for couples - peanut butter and jelly sandwich1. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich set – It’s peanut butter jelly time with this Halloween couples costume!

Fred Wilma Flintstone Halloween costumes

2. Fred and Wilma Flintstone – Take it back to the stone age with this fun Fred and Wilma couples costume idea! Anyone born before 1990 should know who these two are!

Homer and Marge SImpson Halloween costume for couples

3. Homer and Marge Simpson couples costume – This fun costume idea from A Sparkle of Genius takes some of TV’s most loved characters from The Simpson’s show!

Box of Nerds candy couples Halloween costume

4. Box of Nerds candy costume – You can be two Nerds in love together in this fun candy box costume! This is such a fun Halloween couples costume ideas.


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5. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible – This cute couple got super hero ready with these Incredibles costumes! Here’s where you can buy Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible costumes.

Halloween couples costumes - ketchup and mustard condiments costume set

6. Ketchup and mustard costume set – Would you want your spouse to be the ketchup to your mustard? Hilarious choice for couples costumes for Halloween!


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7. Shrek and Fiona – Hahahaaaaa I love this costume idea! Paint each other green and get into the Halloween couples costume spirit with the movie Shrek!

Connected like a puzzle pieces costume for couples

8. Puzzle pieces adult couples costume – The perfect Halloween costume for couples that are inseparable.

Starbucks Halloween couples costumes

9. Starbucks barista and Frappuccino – Awww if you are a coffee lover, you will definitely love complementing your mate in this Starbucks dual costume! Of all of of the fun couples costumes for Halloween, I think this is my favorite!

Vacationing tacky travel couples costume

10. Super tacky vacationing couples costume – Living life as a cheesy, elderly tourist is such fun Halloween costume ideas for couples! Come prepared with your travel map for this travel couples costume!

11. Buddy the Elf and Jovie couples costume – Ahhh how adorable is this Halloween couples costume?! Elf is such a funny movie, so why not dress up as the characters? You can create your own costumes, or buy the both costumes here.


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12. Dos Avocados – I think this Halloween couples costume idea is really cute! Fun idea for a pregnant lady and her man.

LEGO Halloween couple costumes idea

13. LEGO couples Halloween costume idea – OMG how cute is this?! They made themselves a LEGO couple, adorable, and such a good LEGO couple costume idea!



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14. Filter / No Filter couples costume – This one is pretty funny, the girl dresses up really cute, and the guy copies, but with no make up, messy locks, and lots of facial hair! This has got to be one of the best couples costumes for millennials!

15. Ken and Barbie in the box – Hahaaaaa… I love this couples costume idea! Dress up as Ken and Barbie and create a pink box, just like the ones sold in stores!

Which Halloween couples costumes are your favorite? Enjoy your Halloween!

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