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Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids | Fall Leaves Turkey Craft

Here is a cute and simple fall leaves turkey craft for Thanksgiving using nature, creativity, and fun! Make this turkey craft with leaves this autumn season.

Fall leaves turkey craft - head outside to collect fallen leaves, such a fun Thanksgiving activity for kids

A fun turkey leaf craft

We love the autumn season and all of the cool, crisp air and falling leaves that come with it. My kids love to collect the beautiful fallen leaves and We decided that we would use our findings to make this turkey craft with leaves!

Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids | Fall Leaves Turkey Craft

Try making this wonderful turkey craft with fall leaves. You can take a quick scavenger hunt with your little ones to find some amazing fall leaves to make this Thanksgiving turkey. MJ had a blast making this cute turkey craft.

Materials you will need for this turkey leaf craft:

  • fall tree and bush leaves
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue

How to make a turkey craft with leaves

First, take a trip outside and find as many cool leaves as you wish. Flatter, fresher leaves work the best as they will form the feathers of the turkey. Leaves that are older and dry do not glue down well as they can be curled around the edges and break easily. Be sure to take a bag or bucket with you!

Glue fall leaves onto paper

Glue down some of the leaves onto a piece of construction paper in any fashion you please. These are the feathers of the turkey.

Take another piece of construction paper and cut out a bowling pin-shaped figure for the body of the turkey. Glue it down the middle of the fallen leaves.

Add the turkey’s face

Cut out two small circles for the eyes, a triangle for the beak, and a long skinny awkward shape for the wattle (the thing that hangs under the turkey’s beak).

I also decided to cut out some fork-like figures to make the feet. MJ happened to have some craft eyeballs so he opted to use those instead of the circles I cut him.

 Fall leaves turkey craft - head outside to collect fallen leaves, such a fun Thanksgiving activity for kids

Voila! Didn’t MJ do a great job?!?! I love the way his turkey craft with real leaves came out!

We hope you enjoy making crafts with fall leaves!

There are plenty of kids Thanksgiving crafts and I personally love the handprint turkey craft. I thought this would be a little different, but a lot more fun. We hope your kids enjoy this fall leaves turkey craft, they make very cute Thanksgiving decorations.

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