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Back to School Crafts: Easy Paper Plate School Bus Shapes Craft

Our paper plate school bus craft is such a fun idea for the back-to-school season! Make this school bus art project with your kids, love these fun transportation crafts.

Back to School Crafts for Kids- Paper Plate School Bus Shapes Craft | fun transportation crafts

Fun back to school crafts for preschoolers

Looking for fun and easy back-to-school crafts for kids? As they get ready to go back to school, we’ve been running around all over the place trying to get all of our shopping done, and enjoy our last summer days. I thought it would be fun to do a school bus art project, it gets our creative juices flowing and helps to mentally prepare kids for the change in routine when school starts!

Cute school bus shapes paper plate craft

Easy Paper Plate School Bus Craft

Crafts are always a fun way to get the kids excited to go back to school. We made these paper plate school buses using a few supplies that we already had at home, it’s perfect for preschool and kindergarten-aged kids! It involves painting, cutting, matching shapes, and gluing, my 4-year-old enjoyed making her school bus. Here’s how to make this easy back to school craft:

Back to school crafts: School bus art project

Materials needed:

Print out our school bus craft template below

School bus shapes template printable

Step 1: Prep your school bus art and craft

To get started with your paper plate school bus craft, cut your paper plate in half evenly, directly down the middle. I like to fold it in half first so I get a creased line to follow. Paint the plate on one side until the white is completely covered. Set aside and allow to dry.

*Note – if you are doing this school bus craft with toddlers and other young children who are not able to use scissors safely, please do the cutting for them.

Girl painting paper plate for school bus shapes craft

Step 2: Cut out shapes for the school bus wheels and windows

Cut out the shapes on the school bus shapes craft printable PDF, gently trace them onto the plate where you’d like them to go. Notice that the wheels are made of two circles, so you’ll have to trace half-circles at the bottom of the plate and explain this to your child when it comes to matching. [Note: If you don’t have a printer, you could always make your own shapes on a piece of black paper.]

Making a paper plate bus craft - Trace shapes on paper plate school bus to match

Step 3: Glue shapes onto paper plate bus

Have your child pick up each shape and match it to the appropriate area on the plate, say each shape along with them as they go. Glue each shape onto their respective areas, you’ve got yourself a paper plate school bus!

Glue shapes onto your paper plate school bus art project

We love this paper plate bus craft!

This is one of the most fun school bus activities for preschoolers. My daughter loved making this, and if your kids are thrilled about back-to-school crafts, I am sure your little ones would, too! Be sure you’re supervising the whole activity, and make sure that you’re the one handling the scissors. Hope you love this school bus art project and have a smooth transition going back to school!

School bus arts and crafts for preschoolers project

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