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How To Clean Your House In 30 Minutes {Free Printable Chart}

Pressed for time? Here’s how to clean your house in 30 minutes before your guests arrive, the quickest routine to clean your house and make it look presentable!

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The fastest way to clean your house

I dream of having an eternally clean house, but with kids and myself at home often, I have come to terms with the fact that it is simply not possible. We cook in the kitchen and craft at the table, play games in the living room and dress, and rest in the bedrooms. We use the toilets, sinks, and showers daily, so you can believe that there is a lot of cleaning up to do!

A quick house cleaning before guests arrive

So, what is the quickest way to clean a house? When we have guests, I like to make sure our place looks presentable, so I came up with this quick house cleaning routine and it has worked wonders. Break out those cleaning supplies and learn how to clean your house in 30 minutes, a very speedy way to tidy up and make your home look fake clean!

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How To Clean Your House In 30 Minutes

Now please note that this is not the end-all-be-all list of cleaning your house. There are several things not mentioned in this house cleaning list because you simply won’t have the time! Save the deep cleaning for another day. You can totally learn how to clean your house fast, just carve out 30 minutes of your time and follow along with this easy house cleaning checklist.

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Let’s get this 30 minute house cleaning started!

Ok, let’s get started with this house-cleaning routine. So we’re going to focus on the main areas of the house where guests will be while they’re visiting. If you are certain that they will not be visiting the garage, the kids’ bedrooms, or the office, ignore them! Mentally narrow down the areas that you need to work on and focus on those ONLY.

1. Declutter and tidy up each room in your house – 10 minutes

Start to clean your house in 30 minutes by decluttering. This means all clothes and odds and ends in the bedrooms should be quickly stashed away, random things in the living room need to be put in their places, dirty dishes should be thrown in the dishwasher, toys, and electronics need to be stashed, and papers, mail, and other odds and ends need to be quickly tossed into a drawer.

At this point, it doesn’t matter where you put everything, you’re pressed for time! This is probably going to be your biggest step that takes up the most time, so make sure you’ve covered everything before you move on.

the quickest way to clean your house, mirror on the wall home decor

2. Wipe down all counters, mirrors, and surfaces – 8 minutes

The next step in this 30-minute cleaning routine is to walk around with your spray bottle and a large wad of paper towels and get to wiping! Hit every countertop, mirror, window sill, sink, fixtures, and furniture surfaces you can find, and do it quickly!

Make sure to fold over the paper towel as it gets soiled, and use a combo multi-surface glass cleaner so you don’t ruin your mirrors.

3. Empty all trash bins and garbage – 2 minutes

This is an easy one that is probably always on your cleaning schedule. Empty all of the trash cans in your house and make sure to take it all outside. The last thing you need is to have a smelly trash can ruining your vibe! Don’t forget to empty out the bathroom trash and the little trash cans in your bedrooms and other areas.

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4. Scrub guest bathroom toilets and faux mop the floor – 5 minutes

You don’t want your bathrooms to smell, so make sure to set aside a few minutes to scrub and wipe down the toilets. I use this Clorox¬ģ Toilet Wand Scrubber, it is super easy to use and as my least favorite place to clean in the house, there is virtually no need to touch any of the cleaning products! Cleaning with bleach kills 99% of germs and it is my choice for our toilets. It really makes cleaning easier!

When you’re finished cleaning the toilet, do a super quick wipe down on the floor so it’s shiny and clean – especially around the base of the toilet! I have a boy and I know that pee drops can literally be found everywhere on the bathroom floor!

5. Vacuum the floors and light scented candles Р5 minutes

The last step to finish cleaning your house in 30 minutes is to vacuum! A super quick vacuum (or sweep) job of the floors always makes a home look 100 times nicer! This is not a major vacuum job, so just concentrate on the main areas that your guests will see. Did you miss anything?

The last 5 minutes are also a good time to look over what you may need to straighten up, so grab and fluff your pillows, close closet doors, and do a light dusting if time permits. Last but not least, light candles in a warm, welcoming scent and enjoy your quickly-cleaned home! Oh, also, these vanilla soy candles are literally THE BEST candles in the whole entire universe!

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Enjoy your new quick house cleaning routine

Trust me, y’all, you can totally clean your house in 30 minutes! I live in a small place, so I can get this done in under 30 minutes sometimes, it really is super easy to do.¬†If you can, have your family members lend a hand and help you to save even more of your time.

I have more tips to purge and declutter your home and a few cool organizing tips for your home, too. I hope you learned how to clean your house in 30 minutes, a quick way to prep for guests!

How To Clean Your House In 30 Minutes Before Your Guests Arrive - free printable house cleaning checklist

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