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DIY Christmas Card Holder – How To Display Your Holiday Cards

This easy DIY Christmas card holder is made with burlap, ribbon & clothespins. Hang your Christmas cards display on the wall with this easy-to-make holiday card display.

DIY Christmas card holder - Looking for creative holiday card display ideas? Do you live in a small apartment without a mantle? How about displaying them on your wall with this DIY, easy to make burlap wall Christmas card holder!

Make this wall Christmas card holder

I have been doing my best to decorate for the holidays, but it’s really hard to do in a small condo. I no longer have a fireplace mantle and I can’t really do too much to the walls, so I am making do with what I have.

There are many ways to display Christmas cards, so I had to figure something out. Flameless and mantelless, which was where I used to put the cards and sip hot cocoa in my slippers, it was time to get creative with our Christmas cards display.

An easy DIY holiday card holder

Looking for creative DIY Christmas card holder display ideas? Do you live in a small apartment without a mantle? This Christmas card holder wall hanging does the trick!

I love how this DIY wall Christmas card holder turned out. It doubles as festive holiday decor and shows off all of the cards we’ve received! If you’re working with tight space this year, hang this bad boy on your wall. This is one of my favorite Christmas card hanging display ideas!

DIY Christmas Card Holder - a fun Christmas card hanging display

DIY burlap wall Christmas cardholder

Make your own Christmas cardholder for the wall. All you need are a few items to get started. Here’s how to make this

Materials you will need for this card display project:

How to make a DIY wall Christmas card holder

Let’s make this holiday card holder

To make this DIY Christmas card holder, measure out your burlap to the desired length, then fold it over and double it. Mine was about 3 feet and holds 13 cards. I would suggest 4 feet in length to hold 16-20 cards, which would mean you’ll need 8 feet of burlap.

Line up the two ends and trim evenly. Fold the two ends back towards each other to form a triangle. Glue with hot glue gun and set. This will be the BACK of your holiday cardholder, which goes against the wall.

Making a holiday card holder, fold the corners back to form a triangle and glue in place

Putting together the hanging Christmas card holder

Place your roll of toilet paper inside the burlap, at the top of the holder, on the opposite side of the triangle. Even the burlap all the way from the triangle up to the top where the toilet paper roll will sit and glue it to the inside. Make sure it’s nice and tight and completely even all the way down.

Making a wall Christmas card holder, glue on the clothespins

Glue on your clothespins about 3 – 4 inches apart, going all the way down the length of the burlap from top to bottom. Make sure that the part that will pinch and hold the cards is facing out. Put a small amount of glue onto the backside of the clothespin, be sure not to put any on the metal hinge.

Making a burlap wall holiday card display, threading the ribbon through the top

Add ribbon to the top of your wall Christmas card holder

Thread your red holiday ribbon through the toilet paper roll at the top of the homemade cardholder and tie or glue it together to make a hanger. To make it a little more festive, you can add a bow with hot glue onto the outside of the wall hanger to cover the toilet paper roll. Here’s mine…

How to display Christmas cards - DIY red bow decoration on a wall Christmas card holder

How to display Christmas cards

Allow the glue on your DIY Christmas cardholder to set, add your holiday cards, and hang them on the wall wherever you desire. I just love how this turned out!

I love the wood look, but I think it would be so cute to spray paint the clothespins to fit your home’s decor. Red? Gold? Silver? Now the entryway hall has a Christmas card holder for the wall, a little holiday focal point…

DIY burlap wall Christmas card holder - Ways to display holiday cards in small spaces

Display your holiday cards on the wall!

No fireplace mantle? No problem! Display your holiday cards on this wall Xmas cardholder – such great holiday card display ideas!

There is nothing like decorating for the holidays, and we really enjoyed making this homemade Christmas card holder. If you love crafting, try making these handprint reindeer Christmas cards with the kids, they are the cutest!

We love this DIY burlap wall Christmas card holder! It hangs on any space on your wall. and doubles as great DIY holiday decor!

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