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DIY Santa Hats Craft – A Fun Paper Christmas Hat Idea

This DIY Santa hats craft idea is such a cute and easy paper Christmas hat that you’ll love to make! Learn how to make a Santa hat out of paper.

DIY Santa Hats Craft - A Fun Paper Christmas Hat Idea

Fun Santa Christmas hat ideas

The holidays are here and it’s my favorite time of year!

As we deck the halls, wrap gifts, prepare to set out Christmas cookies and milk for Santa, and get ready for the big day, we are excited to do some Christmas crafting and make these cute Christmas paper Santa hats!

Girl wearing a red DIY paper Santa hat craft

Make a cute Santa hat out of paper!

This simple Christmas craft is fun to make with your kids and doesn’t require too many steps or materials. You don’t need a paper Santa hat template for this project because you will use one whole piece of construction paper per hat that you make.

Kids of all ages can join the fun and make this holiday art project. If you love Santa Claus and can’t wait for him to mosey on down the chimney, you will enjoy making this DIY paper Santa hat with your family!

How to make a paper Santa hat craft

DIY Santa Hats Craft

This paper Santa Claus craft is lots of fun to make to celebrate the Christmas season. Here’s how to make a Santa hat out of paper step by step.

Materials needed for this Christmas hat DIY:

  • Red construction paper
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors (optional)

How to make a Santa hat craft materials needed

How to make a Santa hat out of construction paper

First, take your construction paper and curve it into a cone shape as pictured below.

Making a Santa hat out of paper

Apply a small piece of tape onto the inside of the hat to hold the cone shape in place. Make sure the tape cannot be seen on the outside of the hat.

Next, glue the edge of the outside flap of the red paper to the hat to close it off and secure it.

Glue down the paper on the outside to secure the hat

Add cotton balls to the red paper hat

Gently stretch cotton balls to loosen them up and glue them around the bottom of the Santa Claus hat. Make sure to glue them close together as you go around the hat to avoid spacing between the cotton balls.

Glue cotton balls to the bottom of the red Santa hat

Then, stretch a couple more cotton balls, add glue, and place them onto the top of the Christmas hat. I used the scissors to trim off some of the wild pieces of cotton hanging off of the edges of the hat. Give the Santa hat from paper project some time to dry.

Cotton ball Santa hat puff

How to make a Santa hat out of paper
Enjoy your homemade paper Christmas hat!

This Santa hat DIY is pretty easy to make and even more fun to wear on Christmas morning! Have a great time crafting together this holiday season.

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