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DIY Halloween Party Favor Pencils: Easy No-Candy Halloween Treats for Kids!

These DIY Halloween party favor pencils are so easy to make and the perfect candy alternatives for Halloween! Make these for your Halloween school parties.

Fun Candy Free Treats- DIY Halloween party favor pencils for kids, perfect for classroom parties!

DIY Halloween Party Favor Pencils

Halloween. Trick or Treating. Candy GALORE.

A little bit of candy is ok, but we end up getting so much from friends, family, trick or treating, and classroom parties! I will not be contributing to the sugar rush this year, so I decided to make these DIY Halloween party favor pencils for my kids to give out at school.

Make these fun easy and candy free Halloween pencil favors

The best favors for Halloween treat bags!

These favors are useful and perfect for my preschool and elementary-aged kids, they’re simply pencils and erasers stuck together and tied with ribbon, then I added a spooky spider ring. These no sugar Halloween alternatives are kind of like Halloween pencil toppers but situated in the middle of the two pencils.

How to make Candy Free DIY Halloween Pencil Favors

DIY Halloween Pencils and Erasers Favors

I was able to find Halloween pencils and erasers & everything else I needed at the dollar store (Dollar Tree, y’all). With multi-packs of pencils and Halloween erasers available, I spent less than $5 for my daughter’s preschool class. Here’s to a little candy-free Halloween fun!

Supplies needed for this Halloween favors craft

Makes 12 favors

Make your own Halloween pencil favors for kids

Step 1: Tie together your Halloween pencils with ribbon

Grab two pencils and tie a piece of ribbon in a knot at the center, tying them together. Make sure to leave a little ribbon hanging on each side so you can curl it later.

Learn how to make DIY Halloween Pencil Favors

Step 2: Add erasers to the center of each pencil favor

Measure and cut a piece of the foam tape to the size of your eraser and stick firmly onto the knot you tied.

Step 3: Add the spider ring

Next, slide your spooky spider ring on one side of the ribbon and tie in a knot again to secure it. Now you’re ready to curl the ends of the ribbon!

Loving the Spooky Spider Ring on these DIY Halloween Pencil Favors

Repeat the process for each favor, it took me about 30 minutes to finish them all.

Non-food items for trick-or-treaters - Make these fun, easy and candy free Halloween pencil favors

Such fun Halloween favors to make!

I love how these DIY Halloween party favor pencils turned out, try making these candy-free Halloween favors at home! You can pass them out at your child’s class party or give them to trick or treaters. If you happen to be out trick or treating with your kids, you can make this fun Halloween candy wreath and hang it on your door so you don’t miss any kids that come by your house!

DIY Halloween Pencil Party Favors for Kids - No Candy!

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

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