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DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts: Decorated Photo Heart Chocolate Box Craft

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we have a cute idea for DIY Valentine’s Day gifts. Learn how to make this DIY photo Valentine photo heart chocolate box, the best part: it’s a keepsake, and you can EAT IT!

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts: Decorated Photo Heart Chocolate Box Craft

Valentine fun with the HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

I went to a fun event at Hewlett Packard‘s headquarters in San Diego and got to try out the HP Snapshots and HP Cards apps. Basically, you can print photos from your phone, and even from your Instagram account, via wifi, directly to your HP printer or HP Sprocket!

Live it – Love it – Print it: Printing off social media photos has never been easier from your smartphone. Connect your social media accounts to the free-to-download HP Sprocket App and instantly turn those photos into colorful prints. A Social on-the-go portable printer: Sprocket uses seamless Bluetooth connectivity, so you can set it up at parties and events, and everyone can print their favorite moments from their smartphones or tablets! More info here…

We have so many digital photos these days that it’s hard to keep up, printing them out as you go will ensure that you have a physical keepsake in hand to display or give. My son and I had a great time, after printing out a ton of photos, we had to hit the Valentine’s Day craft table and make these adorable photo heart chocolate box gifts!

Print out Instagram photos to your HP Printer directly from HP Snapshots app

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts: Decorated Photo Heart Chocolate Box Craft

This is such a cute, personalized Valentine’s Day gift. It is fairly easy to make, all you need are a few materials in addition to a printed photo and you can let your creativity shine. Here’s how to make it…

Materials needed:

  • 1 printed photo of choice (4×5 photo from the HP Sprocket social media printer)
  • 1 Valentine’s Day heart chocolate box (small box pictured)
  • crepe party streamers
  • embellishments, foam stickers, rhinestones, ribbon, etc
  • craft glue
  • scissors

Photos printed from HP Snapshots app from Instagram
This is an easy craft, and the materials above can be modified to whatever colors, embellishments, and sizes you like. First, trace the heart shape of the box onto your photo, where you’d like to cut it. Cut the photo out on the line you traced and set aside.

Making a Valentine's Day Photo Heart Chocolate Box Keepsake
Run a line of glue around the perimeter of the heart box. Take your crepe streamers and bunch them up little by little, adhering to the glue as you go. Once you’ve gotten all the way around, arrange to your liking before the glue sets.

Cute DIY Valentine's Day Gift - Photo Heart Chocolate Boxes
Take your photo and glue it to the heart box, over the streamer border. At this point, you can add your favorite stickers, rhinestones, and whatever else you please. This decorated photo heart chocolate box craft came out so cute!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Personalize a chocolate heart box with a photo
I really like the way that one of the guests fringed the border on theirs. They also added a background before gluing on the photo, and bedazzled the border with rhinestones, excellent idea!

Thank you so much for the great photo Valentine idea, HP! Visit and follow @MyPrintly on Twitter for more fun craft ideas using photos. Download for iPhone free: HP Greeting Cards and HP Social Media Snapshots, both compatible with your wifi-enabled HP printer!

Who will you make DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for?

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