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Free Star Wars Printable Valentines: Lightsaber Glow Stick Valentines Cards!

We have some awesome Star Wars printable Valentines to share with you all – check out these lightsaber glow stick Valentine cards! This free Valentine’s Day printable is perfect for any Jedi – pass them out at school and the force will be with you this Valentine’s Day!

Free Star Wars Printable Valentines - Lightsaber Glow Stick Valentines Cards

Fun printable Star Wars Valentines for kids

So we love Star Wars around here, and we wanted to create some fun Star Wars Valentines day cards to pass out to the classroom. What makes these lightsaber Valentines so cool? Real GLOW STICKS! We got the idea to use glow sticks as lightsabers and the rest is history!

Print out free DIY Star Wars Valentines Day cards with lightsaber glow stick Valentines!

Free Star Wars Valentines Cards

These candy-free glow stick Valentines cards are a hit in classrooms, there’s already enough sugar to go around, and the Star Wars theme is all the rage for both boys and girls these days! Lightsaber Valentines are so much fun, learn how to make these free Star Wars printable Valentine’s day cards with the tutorial below, so easy, affordable, and fun!

Star Wars Valentines: DIY Light Saber Printable Valentine Cards

Materials needed for these glow stick lightsaber Valentines cards

Making DIY Light Saber Star Wars Valentines, free printable and tutorial

1. First, you’ll need to print out the Star Wars Valentines printable PDF

It is a simple one-page color document with 4 Valentine’s on it, with different color lightsabers. So, if you need 20 Valentine’s, you’ll print out 5 sheets. If you need 27 Valentine’s, you’ll print out 7 sheets. Got it? GOOD. Click here to print out the Star Wars Valentines PDF.

How to make Star Wars printable Valentines cards - fun lightsaber Valentines for school

2. Cut out each of the Star Wars Valentine’s day cards

These Star Wars valentines are about 4 inches wide, or the width of my iPhone 6. I chose to use 4 colors of glow sticks to match the ones on the cards. You don’t have to do this, but it looks awesome with all of the colors: pink, blue, green, and yellow!

3. Sign the back of the card & cut holes for glowsticks

If you’d like, have your child write “from Johnny” or whatever you want on the back to show classmates who the Valentine is from. At this point, AN ADULT should cut slits with scissors or an Exacto knife right on both sides of the heart. This is where you’ll insert the glow sticks. Make sure your slits are big enough to fit the size of each stick.

How to make Star Wars Valentine cards with lightsaber glow sticks

4. Add lightsaber glowsticks to Star Wars cards

Carefully slide the glow stick connectors to the middle of the stick, insert the glow stick into the top of the Valentine card on one end and back up through the bottom on the other side. The glow stick connector should be in the very middle of the glow stick, on the back of the card. Tape right in the middle to secure.

BE CAREFUL NOT TO CRACK THE GLOW STICKS! I’m sure the kids would love to do that on their own when they’re ready. I cracked the glow sticks in my photos for presentation 🙂 You can choose to pre-crack the glow sticks if you want, maybe if you’re making these very close to party time. If you crack them too soon, they’ll die out. he, how will they battle with their lightsaber glow stick Valentines?

DIY Printable Star Wars Valentines - Lightsaber Glow Stick Valentine Cards

May the FORCE be with you this Valentine’s Day!

That’s pretty much it! Aren’t these Star Wars printable Valentines just the cutest?! My kids were thrilled and they both asked me to make enough Star Wars Valentines for their classrooms. At about 25¢, that’s really no problem!

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