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20 Spooky Halloween Party Food Ideas and Snacks for Kids

Are you looking for some good Halloween party food ideas, or some fun Halloween snacks for kids? You will love these fun Halloween treats! Make your favorites for school or serve them at your Halloween parties this year!

20 Spooky Halloween Party Food Ideas and Snacks for Kids

Easy Halloween treats for parties

It’s that time of year when the holidays come fast and we gather for lots of fun, and Halloween is almost here! Whether you’re hosting a Halloween event or visiting your kids’ classroom Halloween parties, these cute and spooky Halloween appetizers, snack ideas, and desserts are sure to please!

What do you serve at a Halloween party?

There are so many cute Halloween food ideas for a party. Some of these recipes are creepy, eerie, and gross, and others are just super cute! If you need some ideas of what to serve at your next shindig, here are some of my favorite spooky Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns, ghosts, goblins, Halloween spider treats, witches, and mummy recipes and treats. Try them out this Halloween!

20 Halloween Party Food Ideas for Kids

Witch-themed food

Witches Broom Snacks Halloween Recipe

1. Witches Broom Sticks Halloween Snacks – Cincy Shopper

These cute little witches brooms are made out of pretzels and cheese and make the cutest Halloween snack for kids!

2. Creepy Bloody Witch Fingers – Texan Erin

These witch bloody fingers look grossly realistic, but make a great scary Halloween party food!

3. Witches Hat Cookies – Dizzy, Busy & Hungry

These witch’s hats are a fast and fun Halloween-themed food for kids.

Halloween spider-themed foods

Spooky spider deviled eggs recipe

4. Spider Deviled Eggs – Living Sweet Moments

These spooky spider deviled eggs are made with olives and make a fun party finger food.

5. Halloween Rolo Chocolate Spiders – Cake Whiz

If you’re looking for fun Halloween kids snacks, I think these spiders made of Rolos are the perfect fit.

Monster party food ideas

Cute halloween food ideas for a party - Monster Halloween Candy Bark

6. Spooky Halloween Monster Candy Bark – Honey + Lime

Spooky monster eyeballs are looking at you from every direction with this fun Halloween snack recipe!

7. Halloween Apple Monster Mouths – Texan Erin

These apple monster mouths are a fun, yet spooky Halloween food idea.

Halloween eyeball recipes

Halloween Oreo Eyeballs Recipe - spooky Halloween food

8. Oreo Halloween Eye Balls – Cincy Shopper

These eyeballs are created with candies and Oreo cookies for a fun, yet creepy treat!

9. Easy Bloody Eyeball Halloween Cupcakes – Savvy Saving Couple

These eyeball cupcakes are really good, but such creepy Halloween party food ideas!

10. Creepy Eye Ball Donuts – The Joys of Boys

They are not joking when they say that these eyeball donuts are creepy!

Mummy-themed foods

Mummy apple pie Halloween party food

11. Mummy Apple Pie – Amy Treasure

This mummy-wrapped apple pie is such a fun way to serve Halloween dessert!

12. Halloween Mummy Pizzas – Thrifty Jinxy

These mini mummy pizzas are sure to be a Halloween hit!

13. Scary Meatball Mummies – Spend With Pennies

These mummies are made with meatballs for a fun Halloween appetizer food idea.

More fun and spooky Halloween food

Jack O Lantern Orange Cups

14. Jack-O-Lantern Mandarin Orange Cups – The Mommy Mix

How adorable are these Jack O Lantern orange cups?! What a super cute food idea for a kids’ Halloween party.

15. Frankenstein Rice Krispies Treats – Midwestern Moms

These fun Rice Krispies treats are green and made into little Frankensteins!

16. Healthy Candy Corn Bars – Living Sweet Moments

These “candy corn” bars are made with jello and yogurt, a great sweet Halloween recipe for kids.

17. Wickedly Delicious Caramel Apples – The Organic Kitchen

If you’ve got a sweet tooth as I do, these caramel apples are right up your alley.

18. Bowl of Jell-o Worms – Spend With Pennies

Worms anyone? These spooky jello worms seem pretty gross, but they are a hit with the kids. This is one of our favorite spooky Halloween party food ideas for kids!

19. Spooky Halloween Popcorn Mix – Cincy Shopper

Give your popcorn bowl a Halloween makeover with this spooky party food recipe.

20. DIY Halloween Oreo Pops – Ghosts and Jack O Lanterns – Honey + Lime

Our easy Oreo pops are made into cute ghosts and Jack O Lanterns for a fun Halloween treat!

Halloween Oreo Pops, Pumpkin and Ghost

Make some of these spooky treats and enjoy your Halloween!

We hope these Halloween party food ideas make your party a hit! We have also made some fun Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats in the past, which are really fun and easy Halloween treats to make. Which of these recipes are your favorites?

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20 Spooky Halloween Party Food Ideas for Kids, Such cute and creepy Halloween Recipes, Snacks and Desserts!


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