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Frozen Lime and Cherry Kool Aid Pie Recipe – A Cool and Tasty Summer Treat!

Cool off with this delicious frozen lime and cherry Kool Aid pie recipe! This summer dessert is super easy to make and oh so good! I partnered with Collective Bias and Kool-Aid® for this post.

Frozen Lime and Cherry Kool Aid Pie Recipe - this summer dessert is easy to make and a delicious cool treat!

The spring season is warming us up and we’re loving it! Summer will be here soon, and with warm weather comes cool treats. Kool-Aid has been a delicious way to cool off with fruit drinks for years in our household, but now we’re using it to make something different: DESSERT.

Kool Aid pie!

Behold, a new, tasty creation, Frozen Lime and Cherry Kool Aid Pie. This fruit flavored dessert combines Kool-Aid Cherry Limeade drink mix and creamy Cool-Whip, it’s such an easy dessert to make!

Frozen Cherry Lime Kool Aid Pie Recipe

I took a shopping trip to my local Walmart and found a bunch of delicious Kool-Aid juices. In addition to the cherry lime drink mix, I saw Kool-Aid 96-ounce Ready-To-Drink bottles that are perfect to quench thirst on warm days. I picked up the watermelon flavor and it was YUM. You’ll find Kool-Aid 96 oz. bottles down the juice, coffee and tea aisle.

Kool Aid Fruit Flavored Juice Drinks

No need to pre-heat the oven for this one, here’s how you’ll make it:

Frozen Lime and Cherry Kool Aid Pie


Cherry Kool Aid Pie Recipe with Cool Whip

Simply combine the Kool Aid powder, Cool-Whip, and yogurt together in a large mixing bowl. I found that it is a little easier to thaw out the Cool-Whip before hand.

Spoon the mixture into the graham cracker pie crust, spread it out completely and smooth the top with a spatula. Freeze for 4 – 5 hours, or overnight. To garnish, arrange a bunch of slices of lime in the middle of the pie. Slice and serve this easy summer no bake dessert!

Frozen Lime and Cherry Kool-Aid Pie

What tasty treats are you making with Kool-Aid?

This lime and cherry Kool Aid pie turned out really good, such a cool, refreshing summer treat! Also try our easy homemade tropical frozen yogurt popsicles, they use fruit and Greek yogurt to make a tasty, no bake treat. Enjoy!

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